Truth withdrawn is Truth denied!

When in search of the truth about any topic it is always advisable to follow the trail of money. At least in our capitalist society. Unfortunately, this also holds true for the public health sector, where health should undoubtedly stand before financial interests. The heavily promoted Gardasil® vaccine is supposed to prevent women from getting vulvar and vaginal cancer and provide a protection against diseases caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Types 6, 11, 16, and 18[1]. However, the vaccine has been subject to much criticism and is leaving a particularly interesting trail. Complaints to the European Commission Following...

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Vaccines – When Public Health falls Victim of Big Money

Vaccines – When Public Health falls Victim of Big Money Democracy vs. Capitalism Prof. Henri Joyeux is a well-known French surgeon and much sought after specialised for cancer. However, he now entered the limelight for a very different reason. He started an online petition that apparently stepped onto the toes of the wrong people – Big Pharma. In his petition, he demands to ensure availability of DT-Polio vaccines without aluminum, as 6 antigen based combination vaccines can trigger uncontrolled immune reactions (anaphylactic shock) resulting in severe side-effects and can be lethal. However, shortly after his petition took off and...

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Impressions of the Premiere

We are very happy that the man made epidemic premiere that took place in London last weekend was such a huge success! Please have a look at the impressions and highlights of the premiere. Streaming will be available on the 4th of July on this website so please stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to receive more informations about man made...

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World Premiere

Sold out World Premiere, emotions and standing ovation The Premiere of “Man Made Epidemic” on Saturday 25th of June in London was a huge success. The cinema was sold out and the response of the audience was impressive. After the film Natalie Beer received a standing ovation and a lot of people in the audience were very moved. The Q&A lasted for an hour and a lot of questions were asked. It was a long road until we finally got to this point. We were pulled from a famous London Film Festival and some days later another cinema also...

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WE MADE IT! World Premiere!

We are happy to announce that the world premiere of “Man made epidemic” will take place at the Curzon Soho at 12:30. Doors open at 12:15. If you would like to buy tickets, please write an email to : . A Q&A will take place after the screeening from 14:00 – 15:00. Adress Curzon Soho: 99 Shaftsbury Avenue, London W1D 5DY. We hope you will all be able to make it!
Your Man Made Epidemic Team

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